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Health Care Surrogate

Fort Lauderdale Health Care Surrogate Lawyer

Why You Need a Fort Lauderdale Health Care Surrogate Lawyer

If you become injured or incapacitated, a health care surrogate or proxy will make medical decisions on your behalf. This can ensure that your wishes and preferences are followed if you become too ill to decide for yourself. Working with a qualified Fort Lauderdale estate planning attorney is the best way to arrange for these situations and to promote the best outcomes for yourself and your family. Here are some facts you should know about health care surrogates in the state of Florida.

Health Care Surrogates vs. Health Care Proxies

A health care surrogate is a designated individual who has been chosen in advance to make decisions about medical care on behalf of an incapacitated individual. By contrast, a health care proxy is named by the court in cases where no surrogate has been appointed. Proxies are chosen based on a specific order of preference used by the courts:

  1. The legally appointed guardian of the patient
  2. The spouse of the patient
  3. The patient’s adult child or children
  4. The patient’s parent
  5. An adult sibling or siblings
  6. Adult relatives with a close family connection
  7. A close friend of the patient

By designating a health care surrogate, patients can choose any competent adult to serve as their representative and decision-maker about health care issues if they become incapacitated. This will provide greater control for older individuals and will ensure that they can communicate their preferences to the person they choose as a health care surrogate. Your Fort Lauderdale health care surrogate lawyer can help you to designate a qualified and caring surrogate for managing your health care needs in the future.

What Does a Health Care Surrogate Do?

Health care surrogates in the state of Florida are only empowered to make decisions about health care. These may include accepting or denying certain treatments, choosing a nursing home, arranging for health care services at home and approving hospitalization. In Florida, a health care surrogate does not have the right to manage financial matters like paying bills or transferring money. These activities generally require a durable power of attorney.

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