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Estate Planning To-Do List

Estate Planning To-Do List

Estate Planning To-Do List from Fort Lauderdale estate planning lawyer Rhonda D. Zimmerman, Esq.

If you have decided that it’s time to create an estate plan, you might not know where to start. There are several things you can do in advance of your appointment with Fort Lauderdale estate planning lawyer Rhonda D. Zimmerman, Esq. that will make the process simpler. If you follow this simple estate planning to-do list, you will be one step ahead of the process.

1. List Your Assets With Their Estimated Values

When you pass away, your estate will include your various types of accounts, life insurance, business interests, real estate holdings, and personal property. Make sure to list all of your assets and provide an estimated value for each to create a tailored estate plan and ensure that nothing is left out.

2. Decide Who to Appoint as Your Healthcare Surrogate and Attorney-in-Fact

Choosing someone who can make medical decisions for you if you become unable to do so and someone who can manage your finances on your behalf is important for protecting your interests and rights. Before your appointment with your Fort Lauderdale estate planning lawyer, come up with a couple of names of people you trust to make decisions for you, and ask them if they would be willing to serve in such a role if necessary.

3. Think About Your End-of-Life Preferences

Think about and write down your preferences about the types of end-of-life care that you want to receive and any life-sustaining procedures that you want to turn down.

4. Consider Your Final Arrangements

Consider how you want your final arrangements to be handled, including burial vs. cremation. If you want to be buried, it’s a good idea to purchase a burial plot. In either case, you should pay in advance for your funeral arrangements. Make sure the personal representative named in your will knows the arrangements you would like and the requests you might have.

5. Plan for Minors

If you have children and other beneficiaries who are minors, you should think about whether to create a trust to hold your assets until they reach the age of majority. You might also consider a trust for adult children to provide them with tax advantages or protect them from creditor claims.

6. Choose the Trustee and/or Personal Representative

If you will create a trust, choose someone trustworthy to serve in that role and manage the trust assets for your beneficiaries. This person may or may not be a family member. Choosing a family member to serve in this role could create family tension. Similarly, choose the person who will serve as the personal representative for your estate and will.

7. Choose a Guardian

If you have children who are minors or are legally incapacitated, consider who to name as a guardian for them. You should also make sure to have an alternate guardian in place in case your initial choice is unable to act as a guardian for your children.

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